Sam and Sebastian as… Each other.

Sam: I’m Sebastian, and I like to spooky eggs! Sebastian: I’m Sam, and I try to eat normie eggs but drop them!

Sam and Seb are great characters, but they seem a little young for me as marriage candidates. I bet they’ve exhausted all sorts of imaginative costumes, like their Solarian Chronicles characters, maybe the Journey of the Prairie King characters, shadow monsters, dwarfs, etc. But they’d definitely get to a point in life where they’d want to go as each other. They would totally embrace the opportunity to ridicule each other. The caption I added is among them. I just hope it wouldn’t get too ugly, especially when it involves family. But when they live in such a small town… I don’t think they could afford to cease their friendship. Heck, I dated both of them (and a few other guys) while being married to someone else and their friendship wasn’t effected.

Okay, sorry… Yeah, I cheated on Elliott just out of curiosity as to what would happen. I’m sorry, I just wanted to know what other scenes and dialogue I was missing out on. Once I saw everything I broke up with them all. I’m not perfect.

Elliott’s costume

Willy is perplexed by Elliott’s pretentious Halloween costume.

It’s been a while since I last made a comic, but here’s my latest. Stardew Valley for some reason gives me a lot of inspiration. Yes, I did call Elliott’s costume pretentious, but please… Don’t hate him! Halloween comes every year, and he, like me, probably got bored of doing the same looks. He was probably a pirate a million years in a row, and wanted to stick to the theme but do something different. I was a cowgirl-skeleton one year because I wanted to do something different. So call me pretentious too. He’s still my husband on two different game files. I think I might divorce him, wipe his memory, and marry him again because he’s that great.

Anyway, don’t mind me. I’m just preemptively defending my choice of words to describe a fictitious character I have a crush on.

Also, I really wanted to see what Elliott looked like with a handlebar mustache, and bring back the earrings from his concept art. I thought they were really cute.