News media: please stop telling people to start Christmas shopping now.

We don’t need the reminder. Who cares about the supply chain backlog? We can make do with what *does* arrive, as faithful, moral people ought to do.

During the final quarter of the year last year, the narrative was support local businesses. While I recognize even local businesses are having supply chain issues, maybe consider finding retailers that are even more local. Wood, metals, plastics, foods, and all materials made within a 100-mile radius of your residence. Sold from a warehouse or storefront around the same.

The big brands are not necessarily the best brands. Nor are big brands who pretend to be small to fake authenticity. Big box stores and department stores, I curse you for issuing Black Friday previews now. Market demand is good, but not when your workforce is a skeleton crew of the mealiest variety. Especially when you represent a brand that used to stand for the common people. People who stand for practicality and quality. You’ve inherited an intense brand loyalty that cannot be sated because you’ve put your own storefronts up for sale and will make bank whether the retailer lives or dies. You are both the jury and executioner.

Circulating new goods just forebodes more climate disaster. Just thrift or hand-me-down.

In all, please stop harnessing a sense of urgency in something so small as materials. Climate, disease, and labor ethics…That’s what’s urgent.

We are not an entirety.

I know there’s racial inequity. It’s still unfair for people to make blanket assumptions about me because someone who “looks like me” (by that I mean they share my complexion alone; I’ve found it very discouraging when others say any other bespectacled, round-faced woman with light brown hair looks like me) or someone in my position (assisting a state government) has wronged them or aided and abetted wrongdoers. If you don’t know that I’ve done this, give me the benefit of the doubt. People are so quick to excuse any wariness from minorities or the marginalized but don’t talk about how keeping these prejudices is only furthering the cycle.

I’m tired of clapping for minorities when they say they don’t trust lawyers, law enforcement, or health departments. I’m tired of standing back in awe. That’s awful, of course. But I’m tired of people trying to wow me. I know, it sucks. Still, have some respect. We are all individuals. And it’s not like you’re the only demographic who distrusts the establishment. I have distrust too. Still, I try to give people a chance. I won’t always be duped, misled, or betrayed. Please stop giving excuses for people to continue being scared of helpful services, neighbors, and our siblings in spirit. Just because you have a fear of some systemic entity does not mean your fear isn’t prejudicial and shouldn’t be counselled.