I am a writer, editor, marketer, and artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. Consider this blog a metacognitive diary of my life, work and life’s work. I often create posts to flex my skills, create dialogue, and improve.

Outside my dwellings here, I am available for independent compositional projects. Subjects I can cover: marketing, law, public relations/imagery, communications, digital media/content, ethics and compliance, faith/spirituality, gender, civil liberties/rights, culture, psychology/mental health, analytics, brand awareness/strategy, cinematography, telecommunication.
Skills I have: APA citation, MLA citation, AP Style, Chicago style, SEO, SEM, contextual hyperlinks/backlinks, Italian and Spanish proficiency, HTML,  blogging, press releases, copywriting, social media, content development/management, diplomacy. Among more.

My rate is around $0.25 to $0.30 USD per word for writing. Editing or consulting rates TBD. I accept deposits through Paypal. Venmo, and Stripe.