Domain update and contact info

Hi readers, you may have noticed since my last post, my blog’s URL has updated. It’s now been shortened to, though will navigate you to the same site. I’m just trying this out for now, and I’m unsure if I plan to renew the custom domain for next year. It’s a little daunting the amount of features WordPress has.

Also, with the purchase of my new domain, I also have an email address attached to this blog, Last time I tried sending an email from that address, I had some sort of setup delay, probably due to it being newly created, but it may be usable now if you’d like to send me anything. Additionally, I have Both of these will act as ways to get in touch. I’ll be experimenting with both to see which server I prefer (Proton has the edge as of now, simply because I could begin sending email instantly). These addresses are for followers, the public, and some journalistic pursuits.

It’s pertinent new media personalities have some internet-enabled way to get in touch with fans, but I’m wary of the big social media juggernauts because while they can be decent communication tools, they are isolating, a time-suck, and leave many feeling inadequate about looks, relationships, or jobs. I’d used a few in the past (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat) but they are more trouble than they are worth for me. Please do not bother contacting me in any of those aforementioned places. My accounts are either deleted, privated, or abandoned. Email seems to be the only messaging system I’m still comfortable with. Maybe one day I’ll share my other messaging credentials with my followers (Signal, Telegram, or Discord) but email is simplest now,

Anyway, that’s it. Talk soon,

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