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resolution # 1,003 :: junejordan

I will love who loves me
I will love as much as I am loved
I will hate who hates me
I will feel nothing for everyone oblivious to me
I will stay indifferent to indifference
I will live hostile to hostility
I will make myself a passionate and eager lover
in response to passionate and eager love

I will be nobody’s fool

from Haruko/Love Poems

Resolution – Time of Insurgence Reflections 2021

I do love the world.
I do find love and joy around the shadowy corners and even the brightest sun-drenched places where only bugs and cacti dwell
I do not believe in keeping hate in my heart. 
I feel ill like Superman to kryptonite.
Those who feel such have no place in my life.
Those who pay me no mind or forget me may someday find their way back,
be they…

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