I just started a virtual retreat

It’s run through the Office of Ignation Spirituality, a Jesuit group.

The focus is to pray the examen wherever you are. Try to find moments in the day where you can reflect. It’s more of a meditation than a prayer. There are several different versions depending on your interests and concerns. Even though it’s a Jesuit practice, I think it could fit into any other order of Catholicism (Franciscan, Notre Dame, Dominican, etc) but not only any Catholic, any faith. It reminds me a lot of the meditation and reflection a psychologist, counselor, or social worker would teach you, with questions like “What were you grateful for today? How do you want to improve yourself?” I feel like it could be adapted to a general monotheistic faith, or even a polytheistic one too with a few edits.

I plan to record some of the responses to these meditations in my notebooks and maybe make a longer post either here or Medium once I’ve gotten the hang of it.

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