Working right after I get back from vacation. Ugh. Why?

Next week they are giving me more hours too. Fuck. I’m so bored with this and exhausted from the menial demands.

Not only that, I have several coworkers who are peers in the company hierarchy but nonetheless still demean me as if they are my boss or client. It shouldn’t matter that they may have worked here longer than I have or even lived longer than I have. I still deserve some behavioral and attitudinal decency. But my actual bosses love these people because they have no desire to seek a different industry other than retail sales, specifically at this company and this store. Young folks like me are just lackeys who get carrots dangled at us constantly but are never fed these carrots. We don’t even get to lick or sniff these carrots. They are constantly moved away. We ask when this will change and we get our carrots, and they just tell us it’s still temporary and we won’t get them just yet and they continue to be pushed away.

Also, I may be a lackey, but I am not an ass. She is an ass, and a kiss-ass in particular. Why must she follow all the rules? Why does she never consider circumstances? Why does she never consider personal sanity, mental health, hunger, thirst, rest, lethargy, urges, ease, functionality, time, and resources? Just because the company wants something achieved in a certain fashion or time doesn’t mean we must sacrifice our wellbeing for it. We are not kidnappees. We are not soldiers. We are people who must consider our personal autonomy, for Christ’s sake. And Mohammad’s, Buddha’s, Yahweh’s, Confucius’, Shiva’s, Ganesh’s, Kali’s, or whoever’s sake. Please don’t try and say it’s different because you are another faith because it isn’t. Whoever you are, you must take good care of yourself, even if it means disobedience.

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