The Other OneDrive

My university hosts their email through Microsoft. As part of the collab, the school gives the community free access to the whole Office package, including some OneDrive storage. Since I am vintage and still use an MSN email address, I often had two spots for OneDrive files, which sounds oxymoronic when I say it. First spot is connected to my personal email, the second was connected to my university email.

I applied to a writers’ conference today, and was required to send in some samples. However, it looks like a few samples I desired to send were saved with my university’s OneDrive, which no longer appears to be connected to my PC. Is my university OneDrive still active? How can I get it back? My email account is still functional, as I am enrolled in one course currently, and it is not typical for my university to deactivate email addresses or usernames right away.

How do I log into my other OneDrive?

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