There’s nothing to watch.

YouTube is getting old. Facebook videos are garbage. Do those other video sites like Veoh or Vimeo even get any traction anymore?

I’m not sure if I have the energy to do any reading right now. Well, it really would depend on what. Nothing where I have to do a lot of processing. I’d be ok with chatting but probably just through text.

I’m writing an article but I don’t even have the drive to do that right now.

I may want a TV for my room for Christmas. I do have cable up there. If I had my own TV, I’d watch bizarre stuff no one else wants to watch with me. Christian networks, infomercials, Spanish language shows. Just because the channels I frequent on TV are getting stale, too. A classmate of mine has family that somehow get Vietnamese channels in the US. I may like to see them, too, if I can figure out how to get them…and understand them, of course. Vietnamese is derived from French, and French is related to Spanish and Italian, so maybe I’d catch on to some things?  I’m not sure whether they use a special satellite or a USB like Roku or Amazon Fire or something like that. But I wouldn’t want any high-tech TV. Maybe just a hand-me-down clunker.

My parents watch TV that induces too much anxiety in me. Medical shows, crime shows, thrillers, etc. Violence, gore, relational conflict, etc. Sometimes I just want to watch something stupid.

That’s all.

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