Apologies, though there wasn’t much demand for them

I didn’t mean for this blog to get so personal. Yes, the material here is very unstructured, but I didn’t want to go on so many tirades. I dislike being bitter and holding grudges, but it’s hard to forgo them when I feel so desolate. Yes, I see a therapist and psychiatric nurse practitioner, but I often feel my support system is limited just to that.

There’s a lot of stuff in my personal diaries I want to hide, but some I want to scream the pages. I guess some of my latest entries here are just that. Journal entries I must scream. I understand not everyone can help me,  but I just want to be heard. I’m an introvert, but I still crave attention. My love for attention is probably why I became an actor and a writer…and comedian in some aspects.

Hopefully, this blog can morph into something great.

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