New residence halls, meal plans, or eateries don’t deter from the fact that an institution is neglecting its true foundation: community.

When a university can’t retain stellar faculty or enrollment, leaders shrug it off. No one cares to stick it out for the completed construction.

Not only that, but leaders make no effort to seduce dropouts, transfers, new resignees, or wary prospects into staying. Who cares. All undergrad psychology majors are the same. All English professors are the same. All biology grad students are the same. All chancellors are the same. All vice chancellors are the same. All advisors are the same. All deans are the same. Dime a dozen. They can be replaced in no time. Maybe they take an exit survey, sure, but there’s no persuasion. There’s no bargaining in how to lessen their workload, commute, assignments, obligations, etc. It’s just a revolving door full of a bunch of strangers bumping  into each other.

It’s not worth it to build comradarie because someone’s eventually going to crack and abandon everyone because they’ve secretly been a miserable curmudgeon the entire time you’ve known them. It’s not personal, but there lies the problem. No one gives a damn about each other’s personhood. Everyone is a selfish prick who would rather chase silly dreams or relive nostalgia.

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