It’s strange to think I haven’t any plans to go back to school yet. I’ve just finished college and should be getting a diploma soon. I have been looking for careers in my field, but I’m also thinking of getting a Master’s. I just haven’t applied or enrolled yet because I’m unsure which one.

As rough as it is, school has always provided some stability in my life. I can hardly schedule things by myself or think of topics independently, so it’s good to have some guidance.

Of course, we’d occasionally be given too much agency. How many pages should the essay be? How many words? How many panels? Should you be required to present it or no? I wouldn’t know. I’m basically a child.I’m just an adult when it’s convenient. Like when my parents want me to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Or when a professor can’t commit to the length criteria of his/her assignment. Or when the government spooks me about student loans and 401ks.

I’m not adult enough to travel alone, to cook full meals, to drive long distances, to have a steady relationship, to accept a drink for hospitality rather than my own preference, to consider cohabitation, civil union, and/or marriage, to use store-specific credit cards, to live with peers outside my family, and a whole mess of other things.

I am an adult.*

*Conditions apply. Please read manual for details.

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