Contribution to RGNN

Hello readers,

I’m proud to say I’ve been published! Woo!

It’s in a nonprofit international news blog called Rooster Global News Network, aka ROOSTERGNN or RGNN. They’ve only been established in 2013, but seem to have come pretty far since then. It’s based in Spain and publishes articles in English and Spanish (some Italian too). You can view my article here:

Influence of far-right conservatism on teenagers

I will be contributing toward RGNN regularly, so please subscribe to their email newsletter or via RSS!

I’m pretty excited about my work to come!

Note: I still intend to keep up my work here on WordPress, but I intentionally try to keep it a little miscellaneous here for when I have thoughts that may not fit elsewhere in the press (internet press very much included).

And I encourage you to share your thoughts on my work. Critique my points at your leisure. Like I mention in my article, exchanging points of view is very important to me and my society at large.

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