As I near the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I’ve browsed and weighed so many different career opportunities, and much of them have requested the possession of a writing sample and/or portfolio. I’d created blogs in the past through Webs or Tumblr, but heard WordPress was better for professional, more eloquent pieces, so I thought I’d try to make a name here. I figured it might be a nice alternative to have this if it’s too cumbersome to fit so many megabytes of documents into an email or flash-drive.

It’s a bit too early to say what the theme of this blog will be. Generally, I’m interested in politics, literature, theater, art, psychology, crime, comics (mainly strips, but I’ve eased into book form on occasion), television (which sort of also covers films and digital media like YouTube or Vimeo), fashion/merchandise, noteworthy figures, and sports.

(I admit I don’t know a ton about the last topic, but I’ve learned a bit about how teams work as hierarchies or companies and their public image maintenance and it’s weird. Sports relations/management I guess is what they call it? I may know about the fines and suspensions the Saints got for Bountygate, but I don’t know how many touchdowns so-and-so got last season, if you’re wondering, but it was probably a lot.)

I guess that covers it for now. I don’t really intend on having a set schedule for when I’m going to publish stuff. I suppose whenever I’m inspired to let the world know something, you can find it here.

Next post coming soon…

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